Focus and Scope

Journal of Air Pollution and Health is a journal for scientists and researchers in different disciplines interested in air pollution and its impacts. The journal publishes papers on the health consequences of air pollution, innovative control systems, modern technologies, climate change, laboratory methods for measurements of air pollutants, and environmental management and policy. We publish original research, review articles, case reports, software developments and news, and letters to the editor. Papers should be original and results based on present scientific methods involving observations, modeling, and analysis.

Key topics:

  • Health and welfare effects associated with air pollution exposure
  • Epidemiological studies in the field of air pollution (the relation between diseases and air pollutants)
  • Innovative air quality observations
  • Clinical observations and reports related to air pollutants
  • Air quality monitoring and remote sensing
  • Anthropogenic/biogenic emissions
  • Air pollution and Health Technology Assessment 
  • Innovative Ambient/Indoor air pollution control 
  • Modeling and analysis
  • Air pollution - climate change interactions
  • Radiative effects of aerosols, clouds, and albedo changes
  • Indoor air pollution
  • Environmental policy and regulatory impacts
  • Field and laboratory studies of ambient physical, chemical, and radiative processes
  • Software development and experience in the field of air pollution
  • Health aspects of radioactive emissions
  • Emission and control issues of radioactive waste emissions
  • Interventional air pollution programs (planning, economic analysis, and quantitative health significance)
  • Innovative involvement in air pollution studies in the Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Innovative laboratory studies aimed to improve air pollutant detection and measurement
  • Noise Pollution (especially health based studies)
  • Radiation and health effects

The submitted articles should fall in one of the above categories. Originality and quality are the main criteria for selecting articles for publication. Articles addressing health aspects of air pollution will be given priority, and in particular, papers, which directly or indirectly show or discuss the interaction between human populations and air pollutants are preferred. Moreover, special emphasis will be placed on articles discussing practical applications.

Open Access Policy

This journal provides immediate open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public supports a greater global exchange of knowledge.